( by Louis Toffoli ) Buying a protection dog is a huge step in ensuring your safety and security. However, you may feel hesitant during the buying process as you want to know for sure that the protection dog will match your needs and offer effective protection.  A GSTK9 trained Cane Corso So, to help you make the correct choice, we put together a step-by-step guide on how to buy a quality protection dog. By
(By Louis Toffoli) Strong, noble, and intelligent—the Cane Corso is a breed that has been skyrocketing in popularity as a protection dog, and for a good reason. They have all of the characteristics you want in both a protection dog and a family dog.  With fierce loyalty and an independent attitude, this personal protection dog has become the ideal companion. However, there is more to why Cane Corsos make great protection dogs—beginning with their unique
(by Louis Toffoli) Like all dogs, your protection dog is a natural pack animal that responds best to a designated leader. When you are the pack leader, your protection dog will put you in control and follow your lead.  Shepherd Standing at Attention. Credit: Pexels However, being a leader is an ongoing process that will continue after the initial training sessions. So, to get the highest performance from your protection dog, you must continue to
(by Louis Toffoli) On the subject of security, protection dogs are, on average, the best bet. You may want a dog that protects your property from intruders, or maybe you want a companion that is by your side at all times.  Dog Sitting. Credit: Pexels When discussing protection dogs and guard dogs, people sometimes use these terms interchangeably and assume they play the same role. They may also think that the difference is only in

Mike’s Top 5 Dog Breeds for Protection Work

Posted by Chris Hubbard on  December 9, 2020
Category: Blog
When searching for a professionally trained, quality personal protection dog, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and what your needs are. Searching for the top dog breeds for protection work online isn’t easy, as there are an infinite number of lists available.  You want to know from a professional dog trainer that’s been in the business for decades what the best dog breeds are, for protection. You want to know form someone like