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Think all personal protection sellers are the same? Think again... Only Golden State K9 has 36 years of experience, dedicated master trainers and dogs that are guaranteed for their ability and safety.

Training packages for any budget

The Gold Platinum Standard in Personal Protection & Obedience Dog Training

Whether you need a man-stopper that will protect your family with it's life, or you simply want one of our champion dogs with basic obedience training - Golden State K9 has a training package that's perfect for you and your budget.

Silver Package

Basic obedience training

Basic obedience training including: Heel, Sit & Down, Aggression Control, Complete Handler Training, Down Stay, Down on Play, Heel Down, Random Down

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Gold Package

Advanced obedience & basic protection

Everything in Silver plus: Con-Proofing, Completely Environmental Conditioning, Food Refusal, Complete In-home Training, Pursuit Work, On & Off-Premise Protection

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Platinum Package

Advanced obedience & advanced protection

Everything in Gold plus: Building Search, Car Jacking Prevention, Multiple Intruder Protection, Boundary Training, Home invasions

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Cane Corso


  • Male
  • 32 months

Casanova is a 32 month old, multi-champion. He is fully trained in all basic obedience, advanced obedience, off-leash commands, aggression control and dual language. Casanova is excellent with kids, other animals and the general public and would make the ultimate body-guard for any family and comes fully prepped for protection work.

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Superior Doberman


  • Male
  • 12 months

Capone is a 12 month old male Doberman. If you're looking for a personal protection dog that can grow with you and your family, but you want something different that gives a statement and will turn heads, then Capone is your boy. Coming from a strong bloodline of Kimbertal Dobermans, Capone not only will be a striking visual deterrent, but will also be an amazing family dog. Capone is currently training in basic obedience and will be starting his advanced obedience soon.

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Cane Corso


  • Male
  • 17 months

Corado is an 17 month old male Cane Corso and this boy comes with some size! At 118lbs and growing, this dog packs a punch when it comes to weight and physical presence regardless of being a pup. If you're looking for the ultimate man stopper, Corado is your dog. Currently starting protection work training, Corado is also basic and advanced obedience trained, off-leash trained and knows many silent commands. Corado is excellent with kids, other animals and the general public.

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