White Glove Service for Every Client

The best protection dogs. Unmatched personal service.

Clients of Golden State K9 not only get the best personal protection dogs available, they also get the absolute highest level of personal service. Think all sellers are the pretty much the same? Check out the table below to find out the truth.

Breeders Most online sellers of 'Personal Protection Dogs' Golden State K9
Nationwide delivery of your dog? Sometimes Sometimes Always
Personal protection & advanced obedience training options? No Sometimes Always
Ability to get & train any working dog breed? No Sometimes Always
Financing options available to all customers? Rarely Sometimes Always
At-home training for any client? No Rarely Always
Optional lifetime training? No Rarely Always
Expert trainers with over 30-years of personal protection experience? No Rarely Always

Are you ready for the best in personal protection dogs?

From white glove at-home training, to being one of the only personal protection companies that will get and train any working breed - we go above and beyond to make sure our clients get the absolute best.