Ultimate K9 Family Protection

Ultimate K9 Family Protection – Guard Dogs, Family Protection Dogs, Child Protection Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs all with at-your-side training included.

Ultimate K9 Family Protection

When it comes to family protection, there is nothing that beats a trained protection dog. Mind you, it takes time and plenty of professional at-your-side training, but in the end, you have a devoted pet that puts family protection above all else.

Ultimate K9 Family Protection - Cane Corso

And if you landed here from a Google search, here are the top 6 ways Golden State Dog Training is different from our “competitors”. In other words, why we are the very best source for the ultimate K9 Family Protection.

  1. GSTK9 is the ONLY company that makes it MANDATORY that our clients get One-on-One training at their home;
  2. We spend an average of 2 years with our clients depending on the age of Protection Dog, and the exact type of training that is needed;
  3. We are the ONLY Protection company that customizes the Protection K9 to the environment by doing an Environmental set up;
  4. All of our Protection K9s are temperament tested – has to be excellent with kids and other animals or they are not SOLD;
  5. All of the personal protection training is always done at the side of our clients, NEVER at our sides;
  6. All of our Protection K9s are trained by GSTK9 Trainers, never outsourced. No matter where you are, we come to you.

And with GSTK9 Trainers throughout North America, South America and Canada, we are at your service.Ultimate K9 Family Protection - German Shepherd

Ultimate K9 Family Protection – Breeding Lines Make a Difference

Any professional working dog, whether herding sheep or sniffing for bombs, must be bred from select working lines.

Simply put, Customs and Border Patrol get bomb-sniffing dogs from breeder who breed for that purpose.

Here is the rule that no one mentions to you.

Personal protection dogs have to possess characteristics that are usually only found in dogs when they are bred to have these characteristics.

Additionally, any protection dog must be trained at your side and at the side of all family members. Doing anything less is all too similar to handing a loaded pistol with the safety off to a child.

It must bond fully with yourself and your family, or you have wasted your money.

Protection Dog Training – The Dirty Secret No Trainer Share With You

It takes at least 18 weeks for your new Protection K9 to become fully bonded with your family.

Ultimate K9 Family Protection - Serious Training for Serious PeopleAt Your Side Training – Here at GSTK9 it’s mandatory that we do Personal Protection K9 Training at your side. A common myth is that you can send your dog off for training. Fact:  Safe protection training demands several hundred hours of dedicated work under the direct supervision of an expert, professional trainer.

GSTK9 – Your Source for Ultimate K9 Family Protection