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(by Stephen Weru) So, you’ve decided you want a protection dog. However, you’re not sure of the best dog to get. So much to consider.  What dog breed should you get?  What dog temperament and personality type best suits your lifestyle?  Where do you get the best dog breeds from? Besides these questions, you also have to consider intelligence, obedience, strength levels, and adaptability… gender… which begs the question: Are female protection dogs better than
(​by StephenWeru​) You’ve been thinking of getting a personal protection dog. From your research, you’ve encountered multiple posts arguing that​ ​Belgian Malinois​ are among the best protection dog breeds around. And for good reason… These short-haired, fawn-colored canines come with all the natural characteristics of a protection dog. They are athletic, intelligent, always alert, and confident. However, that’s not all it takes to make an excellent protection dog. The ability of a Belgian Malinois to
(by Louis Toffoli)  Since the first recorded dog breed, dogs have been used to protect their owners and property. With naturally loyal and protective personalities, many dog breeds were initially bred solely for the purpose of protection.  You are probably familiar with dog breeds said to be naturally protective, such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or Doberman Pinschers. But, are the natural protective instincts of a dog enough to offer the owner adequate protection?  This article
( by Louis Toffoli ) Buying a protection dog is a huge step in ensuring your safety and security. However, you may feel hesitant during the buying process as you want to know for sure that the protection dog will match your needs and offer effective protection.  A GSTK9 trained Cane Corso So, to help you make the correct choice, we put together a step-by-step guide on how to buy a quality protection dog. By
(By Louis Toffoli) Strong, noble, and intelligent—the Cane Corso is a breed that has been skyrocketing in popularity as a protection dog, and for a good reason. They have all of the characteristics you want in both a protection dog and a family dog.  With fierce loyalty and an independent attitude, this personal protection dog has become the ideal companion. However, there is more to why Cane Corsos make great protection dogs—beginning with their unique