Are you wondering what will be the right dog breed for your family and your lifestyle? Most families are often unsure about what breed of dog to consider. Trust me; it is an overwhelming experience that might leave you with a lot of confusion. The good thing is that we are here to help you out regarding how to choose the right dog breed for your family.

When looking for a personal protection dog, it’s important to keep several things in mind regarding energy level, temperament and overall train-ability. Rest assured that Golden State K9 trains our protection dogs at the highest level, and with the quality and safety you can trust. Our dogs are lovable pets, who are trained to protect when needed.

We have compiled a list of things that you should we consider when you are choosing the right dog breed for your family.

Energy level

The energy level of the dog matters a lot because it should match the energy level of your family. Do you desire the fun and wild sides of a new puppy? Or are you looking for a calm, old-soul-type pet that can jump to attention when needed? The good news for you is that you don’t have to pick one or the other. We offer trained dogs of all ages. Regardless of their energy level, a well-trained dog will know healthy boundaries and when to act on impulses. Some of our favorite breeds are Cane Corso, XXL Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and Mastiffs. 

The temperament of the Dog

The next most important aspect to consider is the temperament of the dog. This is when chemistry can really come into play! We love for our clients to come meet their potential protector, and allow our dogs to get a feel for their potential forever home!


We take the guess work out of this question. While you may be concerned about what kinds of breeds train the best, we offer comprehensive training packages on all of our dogs. We tend to favor Cane Corso, XXL Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and Mastiffs as we know how smart these breeds are. We have had excellent success training our protection dogs to know the difference between friend and foe. Our trainers have over 30 years of experience and have experience teaching all the way from “sit” to interrupting a dangerous car jacking. We know how smart your dog can be, and promise to train them to be the perfect family pet with a  protective safe to keep you safe.

Consider Talking to an Expert

We understand how overwhelming choosing the perfect protection dog can be. When factoring in breeds, ages, and training level – it can feel like a hard choice. That is why we always recommend talking to an expert when you are getting a dog. We can help guide you to find the perfect choice! But rest assured, there are no bad choices when getting a personal protection dog from Golden State K9. All of our dogs are well trained to protect, but also to be 100% safe for your family. Our dogs are trained around women and children and will blend in perfect with your family! Contact us today to find out more!