Personal Protection Dogs and Cane Corso for Sale

Everyone wants a cute little ball of fur puppy! But as this puppy grows up, you don’t know what you have if left untrained. Will it behave? Will it be good with the kids? Will it protect? These are all valid questions. When purchasing a Protection Dog from GSTK9, all dogs are temperament tested, have to be excellent with children, and come fully trained. But also, YOU, the new owner gets fully trained in your home where your new family member is a product of.

Diesel from Golden State K9 Training

Why a Cane Corso for our family? Is this breed safe for my children?

GSTK9 has more experience in North and South America when it comes to the Cane Corso. Breeding, solid lines, correct temperament and proper training by a Master Trainer is huge when dealing with a Cane Corso. GSTK9 went to the Cane Corso 23 years ago for their Protection K9 of choice for families. They are not a “1 dog owner” as are herding breeds, they are a low maintenance breed, and they are a Man-Stopper. Now, this does not mean that GSTK9 recommends you to go out and just buy a Cane Corso, and leave it to its own device. This is why GSTK9 not only picks out the very best Corso’s, but also temperament tests all of the Cane Corso’s while also making sure that every client gets fully trained.