Cane Corso Family Protection Training

Cane Corso Family Protection Training – Guard Dog Training shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our Cane Corso Family Protection Training is at your side, not ours.

Cane Corso Family Protection Training

Cane Corso Family Protection Training - GSTK9 DogTrainingHow do you get a Cane Corso that acts as a happy, fluffy ball of fur with you and your children, but is one mean, bad ass, hell-bent protector when you or your family is threatened?

The one thing that we can absolutely guarantee you, is that if you are looking for optimum round-the-clock live-in protection for your family and lifestyle, a Cane Corso is a fine choice. Also, we can guarantee that you cannot just go buy a Cane Corso. Then hand it over to a professional trainer. And then get a fully trained guard dog when it is returned. Regardless of what their website reads or what they tell you on the phone. 

Cane Corso Family Protection Training Done Right

At Golden State, our Cane Corsos are selectively bred from select breeding lines and carefully chosen with temperament and character in mind. The result is unbeatable Personal and Family Protection that you and your family can hug and play with, and more importantly, depend on. But this only happens when the training is done at your side, not ours. It’s extremely important that they both bond with you during the training. In short, it’s Cane Corso Family Protection Training – done right.

Cane Corso Family Protection Training Done Right By GSTK9

Cane Corso Family Protection Training - GSTK9


If your ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy the 24 hour security a Cane Corso can provide, we would love to hear from you. 

A well-trained Cane Corso provides;Cane Corso Family Protection Training - GSTK9

  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • A Strong Visual Presence
  • Warning Growl/Bark
  • Threat Neutralization

All while being a best friend.

Golden State Cane Corso Family Protection Training helps defend your family against the threat of home invasion, burglary, forced entry, violence, and more. In your home, on an evening walk, at a soccer game, on the go in the car…

Cane Corso Family Protection Training - Contact GSTK9Give yourself the advantage of a trained and bonded GTSK9 Cane Corso.

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Personal Protection Dogs for Sale

Personal Protection Dogs for Sale – If you want a Protection K9 that listens to your commands better than your kids do, contact GSTK9 Today.

Personal Protection Dogs for Sale

When looking for personal protection dog for sale, there are some very important aspects to keep in mind.

But first, we’d like to be clear about something that is apparently never discussed by other firms who have personal protection dogs for sale.

Personal Protection Dogs for Sale - GSTK9Here at GSTK9, after nearly 3 decades of raising personal protection dogs for sale and placing then throughout the US, we know that it takes at least 18 weeks for your new Protection K9 to become fully bonded with you and your family. This is why ALL of GSTK9 dog’s protection work is done at your side. After this time, and only after, bonding is complete and control is given to the client. Without this bond and at your side training, it is all too similar to giving a loaded GUN to a child.

Now, with that out on the table, let’s look at how GSTK9 raises and trains personal protection dogs.

Serious Personal Protection Dogs for Sale

  • GSTK9 is the ONLY company that makes it MANDATORY that our clients get One-on-One training at their home;
  • We spend an average of 2 years with our clients depending on the age of Protection Dog, and the exact type of training that is needed;
  • Personal Protection Dogs for Sale - Good with ChildrenWe are the ONLY Protection company that customizes the Protection K9 to the environment by doing an Environmental set up;
  • All of our Protection K9s are temperament tested – has to be excellent with kids and other animals or they are not SOLD;
  • All of the personal protection training is always done at the side of our clients, NEVER at our sides;
  • All of our Protection K9s are trained by GSTK9 Trainers, never outsourced.

GSTK9 has unequaled experience in the world of personal protection dogs – executives, athletes, celebrities and families across the United States, and South America.

The Bottom Line: When searching for personal protection dogs for sale, doesn’t it make sense to at least talk to a company that has been doing it for nearly 30 years?

If you would like a personal protection dog like this, we need to talk

(Video Description) 

Here is an example of what we do here at GSTK9. This dog was raised as a protection dog by the fellow on the right. The Dog, Tank, is in the process of bonding with his new owner on the left. For 30 seconds while they talk, Tank doesn’t have a care in the world, looking around the new world he lives in. As the discussion becomes suddenly heated, Tank keys in, and as his new owner is threatened, Tank rushes into action. Additionally, Tank stops at the owners command and follows the new owner away from the altercation.

THIS IS WHAT A PERSONAL PROTECTION DOG DOES – But it takes Professional On-Site Training. And that is what separates us from all the others.

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