Personal Cane Corso Protection Training

Looking for the very best personal Cane Corso protection training? A Cane Corso is a fine choice – the right training by your side is the ultimate choice.

Personal Cane Corso Protection Training

Personal Cane Corso Protection Training

Let’s put all the cards on the table here. Ideally, in a perfect world, you have a loving animal that protects you in the most bad ass ways 24/7, yet is as playful as a kitten with your children.

It’s not a dream. 

But it takes some work to get there.

Personal Cane Corso Protection Training – Start to Finish

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Here is the biggest problem.

Myth: Most folks assume they can get a protection type dog…German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Cane Corso, etc… from a breeder or a shelter, then watch some You Tube Videos and “Voila! I have a protection dog!”

Image Credit: Police State USA - Original Article What you now have an animal that is all too similar to a loaded weapon with the safety off.

The primary issue, is that when you see these amazing videos, or read the incredible stories, in most every case, these animals were acquired from specific breeding lines.

Do you think the police get their dogs from ordinary breeders?

News Flash: NO

What most folks do not realize is that in instances where people employ personal protection or police dogs – they get them from breeders who breed SPECIFICALLY for that. So your chances of getting a trainable personal protection dog from a regular breeder or shelter is essentially “slim to none”.

Personal Cane Corso Protection Training – The GSTK9 Way

personal cane corso protection training - Good with ChildrenCarefully Chosen – At Golden State, our Cane Corsos are selectively bred from select breeding lines and carefully chosen with temperament and character in mind. The result is unbeatable Personal and Family Protection that you and your family can hug and play with, and more importantly, depend on. Personal protection dogs have to have characteristics that are usually only found in dogs when they are bred to have these characteristics.

Let that sink in.

personal cane corso protection training - at your side trainingAt Your Side Training – Here at GSTK9 it’s mandatory that we do personal Cane Corso Protection Training at your side. A common myth is that you can send your dog off for training. Fact:  Safe protection training demands several hundred hours of dedicated work under the direct supervision of an expert, professional Cane Corso trainer.

Give yourself the advantage of GSTK9 Personal Cane Corso Protection Training.

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