Cane Corso Guard Dog Training

With nearly 30 years of experience in Cane Corso Guard Dog Training, Golden State Training is your best choice when seeking Cane Corso Guard Dog Training.

Cane Corso Guard Dog Training

Cane Corso Guard Dog Training - Good with ChildrenHere at Golden State Training, we have a single mission in mind. Our mission is to ensure that every Cane Corso we have the privilege of working with, becomes a permanent family member. Loved, trusted and happy, and also ready to vigorously defend family members on a moment’s notice.  We offer you the opportunity to own and spend your life with a fully-trained dog and know what it feels like to live with a happy obedient companion at your side.

What Makes Golden State Cane Corso Guard Dog Training Different?

Cane Corso Family Protection TrainingAt Golden State, all our dogs are individually tailored to suit our clients’ needs. All protection training is done for real life scenarios at your side, not oursAll of our trained dogs are excellent with children and are good with other pets and animals. They are also good with the general public.

Also, we carefully choose our Cane Corso dogs. At Golden State, our Cane Corsos are selectively bred from select breeding lines and carefully chosen with temperament and character in mind. The result is unbeatable Personal and Family Protection that you and your family can hug and play with, and more importantly, depend on. But this only happens when the training is done at your side, not ours. It’s extremely important that they both bond with you during the training. In short, it’s Cane Corso Guard Dog Training – done right.

Cane Corso Guard Dog Training - Family PRotection

Lastly, here is something you’ll never hear from other “trainers’. 

Here at GSTK9, after nearly 3 decades of raising personal protection dogs for sale and placing then throughout the US, we know that it takes at least 18 weeks for your new Protection K9 to become fully bonded with you and your family. This is why ALL of GSTK9 dog’s protection work is done at your side. After this time, and only after, bonding is complete and control is given to the client. Without this bond and at your side training, it is all too similar to giving a loaded GUN to a child.

Serious Cane Corso Guard Dog Training – GSTK9

If you are serious about Cane Corso Guard Dog Training, chose a trainer that is serious. GSTK9

Give yourself the advantage of GSTK9 Cane Corso Guard Dog Training.

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