New Website – Same Premier Protection Dogs

logo2We are pleased to reveal our newly designed website and logo for Golden State K-9 Training (GSTK9). Aside from the need to be “mobile-friendly”, our growing customer base required our new website to be esthetically pleasing, more interactive, more agile and easier to navigate for our valued clients.

GSTK9 Protection Dogs are multi-purpose canines that have little in common with the stereotypical guard dogs behind wire fences at junk yards in movies and on TV. GSTK9 Protection Dogs offer the temperamental stability of a family pet, while providing security at the same time. They readily transition between these two behavioral modes in mere seconds regardless of the environment or the situation.

GSTK9 offers the ultimate in K9 Protection! In addition to being playful and loving canine companions, protection dogs have distinct advantages over other forms of personal protection. Despite their initial price, they are far less expensive than the price of paying bodyguards to provide 24-hour-a-day protection. The presence of a protection dog also doesn’t intrude on an individual’s or a family’s privacy in the same way the constant presence of a bodyguard does. For people not comfortable with having a gun in their house, there is no risk there as well. Plus, a GSTK9 Protection Dog is trained to wake from sleep and be protecting in seconds. While your gun may be rooms away, your protection dog is right at your side.

GSTK9 Protection Dogs don’t go looking for a fight, but rest assured that they will end the fight!

GSTK9 Protection Dogs