GSTK9 Protection Dog Anarchy Shows Off His Superiority

IMG950252Over the last 28 years, Master Trainer Mike Caporicci has built an impeccable reputation that is second to none throughout the Protection Dog Industry. When handling and training Protection Dogs at a level that is above and beyond any other training facility or program in the world, sometimes the small humorous acts of the GSTK9 Protection Dogs tend to go unnoticed. With that being said, allow us to humor you for just a quick moment.

Just a normal day when GSTK9 Protection Dog Anarchy has to go to the veterinarian for his wellness check. Now, we’re sure that anyone that has ever been to a vet has had the experience of multiple animals with all different types of behavior being displayed. Everything from the lethargic old Bassett Hound that just wants to be left alone to the rambunctious Jack Russell that can’t sit still to the constant yapping of the Chihuahua that thinks he’s intimidating.

Arriving at the vet and checking in, like normal, Master Trainer Mike Caporicci had taken a seat with GSTK9 Protection Dog Anarchy in a “Down Stay” position. After a few moments had passed, a lady had asked, “Is your dog okay?” After a quick chuckle, Mr. Caporicci asked “Why?” The lady responded with a look of concern that “he’s just lying down.”

After catching his breath from laughing, Mr. Caporicci said, “Oh, you mean compared to the other dogs that are barking, growling, and just out of control? Well, that’s what all of our Protection Dogs at GSTK9 do. They are trained to be calm and always in control unless a threat is perceived.”

The next time you see a dog that is hard to control or not behaving in a calm manner, blame the owner, NOT the dog.