Cane Corso Family Protection Training

Cane Corso Family Protection Training – Guard Dog Training shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our Cane Corso Family Protection Training is at your side, not ours.

Cane Corso Family Protection Training

Cane Corso Family Protection Training - GSTK9 DogTrainingHow do you get a Cane Corso that acts as a happy, fluffy ball of fur with you and your children, but is one mean, bad ass, hell-bent protector when you or your family is threatened?

The one thing that we can absolutely guarantee you, is that if you are looking for optimum round-the-clock live-in protection for your family and lifestyle, a Cane Corso is a fine choice. Also, we can guarantee that you cannot just go buy a Cane Corso. Then hand it over to a professional trainer. And then get a fully trained guard dog when it is returned. Regardless of what their website reads or what they tell you on the phone. 

Cane Corso Family Protection Training Done Right

At Golden State, our Cane Corsos are selectively bred from select breeding lines and carefully chosen with temperament and character in mind. The result is unbeatable Personal and Family Protection that you and your family can hug and play with, and more importantly, depend on. But this only happens when the training is done at your side, not ours. It’s extremely important that they both bond with you during the training. In short, it’s Cane Corso Family Protection Training – done right.

Cane Corso Family Protection Training Done Right By GSTK9

Cane Corso Family Protection Training - GSTK9


If your ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy the 24 hour security a Cane Corso can provide, we would love to hear from you. 

A well-trained Cane Corso provides;Cane Corso Family Protection Training - GSTK9

  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • A Strong Visual Presence
  • Warning Growl/Bark
  • Threat Neutralization

All while being a best friend.

Golden State Cane Corso Family Protection Training helps defend your family against the threat of home invasion, burglary, forced entry, violence, and more. In your home, on an evening walk, at a soccer game, on the go in the car…

Cane Corso Family Protection Training - Contact GSTK9Give yourself the advantage of a trained and bonded GTSK9 Cane Corso.

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Personal Protection Dogs and Cane Corso for Sale

Everyone wants a cute little ball of fur puppy! But as this puppy grows up, you don’t know what you have if left untrained. Will it behave? Will it be good with the kids? Will it protect? These are all valid questions. When purchasing a Protection Dog from GSTK9, all dogs are temperament tested, have to be excellent with children, and come fully trained. But also, YOU, the new owner gets fully trained in your home where your new family member is a product of.

Diesel from Golden State K9 Training

Why a Cane Corso for our family? Is this breed safe for my children?

GSTK9 has more experience in North and South America when it comes to the Cane Corso. Breeding, solid lines, correct temperament and proper training by a Master Trainer is huge when dealing with a Cane Corso. GSTK9 went to the Cane Corso 23 years ago for their Protection K9 of choice for families. They are not a “1 dog owner” as are herding breeds, they are a low maintenance breed, and they are a Man-Stopper. Now, this does not mean that GSTK9 recommends you to go out and just buy a Cane Corso, and leave it to its own device. This is why GSTK9 not only picks out the very best Corso’s, but also temperament tests all of the Cane Corso’s while also making sure that every client gets fully trained.

GSTK9 Protection Dog Anarchy Shows Off His Superiority

IMG950252Over the last 28 years, Master Trainer Mike Caporicci has built an impeccable reputation that is second to none throughout the Protection Dog Industry. When handling and training Protection Dogs at a level that is above and beyond any other training facility or program in the world, sometimes the small humorous acts of the GSTK9 Protection Dogs tend to go unnoticed. With that being said, allow us to humor you for just a quick moment.

Just a normal day when GSTK9 Protection Dog Anarchy has to go to the veterinarian for his wellness check. Now, we’re sure that anyone that has ever been to a vet has had the experience of multiple animals with all different types of behavior being displayed. Everything from the lethargic old Bassett Hound that just wants to be left alone to the rambunctious Jack Russell that can’t sit still to the constant yapping of the Chihuahua that thinks he’s intimidating.

Arriving at the vet and checking in, like normal, Master Trainer Mike Caporicci had taken a seat with GSTK9 Protection Dog Anarchy in a “Down Stay” position. After a few moments had passed, a lady had asked, “Is your dog okay?” After a quick chuckle, Mr. Caporicci asked “Why?” The lady responded with a look of concern that “he’s just lying down.”

After catching his breath from laughing, Mr. Caporicci said, “Oh, you mean compared to the other dogs that are barking, growling, and just out of control? Well, that’s what all of our Protection Dogs at GSTK9 do. They are trained to be calm and always in control unless a threat is perceived.”

The next time you see a dog that is hard to control or not behaving in a calm manner, blame the owner, NOT the dog.


How Does GSTK9 Stack Up?

Here at Golden State K9 Training, we have the safety of your family as the most important factor in our Protection Dog Training. As of late, some of our new clients and associates have pointed out some concerns that they have regarding other companies out there in our industry. So, in order to better serve each of you, we have decided to take 3 random firms and compare some key areas to GSTK9.


  1. GSTK9 is the ONLY company that makes it MANDATORY that our clients get One-on-One training at their home;
  2. We spend an average of 2 years with our clients depending on the age of Protection Dog, and the exact type of training that is needed;
  3. We are the ONLY Protection company that customizes the Protection K9 to the environment by doing an Environmental set up;
  4. All of our Protection K9s are temperament tested – has to be excellent with kids and other animals or they are not SOLD;
  5. All of the personal protection training is always done at the side of our clients, NEVER at our sides;
  6. All of our Protection K9s are trained by GSTK9 Trainers, never outsourced.

Let’s be clear about something that is apprently not discussed by other firms, which is something that really ticks us off. It takes at least 18 weeks for your new Protection K9 to become fully bonded with your family. This is why ALL of GSTK9 dog’s protection work is done at your side. After this time and only after, bonding is complete and control is given to the client. Without this bond and training, it is like giving a loaded GUN to a child!

GSTK9 is owned and operated by Mike Caporicci, a Master Trainer & Aggression Specialist with over 28 years of experience in K9 Protection Training. The trainers at GSTK9 have a combined total of 66 years experience in the Protection K9 industry at the time of this posting. If you are looking for someone to teach you dog how to sit, fetch, roll-over and play dead, GSTK9 is not the company for you. We would highly recommend taking your doggie to PetSmart, PetCo or any of the other so-called dog training and obedience companies out there.

If you want a Protection K9 that listens to your commands better than your kids do and will not only deter potential threats to you and your family but will put an end to a would-be attacker then we need to talk.

Don’t risk the lives and safety of your family and yourself!

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New Website – Same Premier Protection Dogs

logo2We are pleased to reveal our newly designed website and logo for Golden State K-9 Training (GSTK9). Aside from the need to be “mobile-friendly”, our growing customer base required our new website to be esthetically pleasing, more interactive, more agile and easier to navigate for our valued clients.

GSTK9 Protection Dogs are multi-purpose canines that have little in common with the stereotypical guard dogs behind wire fences at junk yards in movies and on TV. GSTK9 Protection Dogs offer the temperamental stability of a family pet, while providing security at the same time. They readily transition between these two behavioral modes in mere seconds regardless of the environment or the situation.

GSTK9 offers the ultimate in K9 Protection! In addition to being playful and loving canine companions, protection dogs have distinct advantages over other forms of personal protection. Despite their initial price, they are far less expensive than the price of paying bodyguards to provide 24-hour-a-day protection. The presence of a protection dog also doesn’t intrude on an individual’s or a family’s privacy in the same way the constant presence of a bodyguard does. For people not comfortable with having a gun in their house, there is no risk there as well. Plus, a GSTK9 Protection Dog is trained to wake from sleep and be protecting in seconds. While your gun may be rooms away, your protection dog is right at your side.

GSTK9 Protection Dogs don’t go looking for a fight, but rest assured that they will end the fight!

GSTK9 Protection Dogs