Guard Dog Training in Dallas

Guard Dog Training in Dallas – Protection Dogs

Guard Dog Training in Dallas – GSTK9 provides top quality personal protection dogs to protect you and your entire family. Get a free consultation today.

Guard Dog Training in Dallas – Protection Dogs

Let’s set the record straight. We have seen ads from various guard dog training companies that “train at our facility”. The short answer is that you can’t.

Guard Dog Training in Dallas - At Your SidePersonal protection dogs must be trained;

  • At your side
  • In your environment

And 10 or 20 training center packages, seldom fit the bill. Maybe for obedience classes but not for serious personal and family 24/7 protection.

Any dog designated as a family protector, will need to be trained at your side with sufficient time to solidly bond with you and your family, as well as being taught to defend you and your family.

Guard Dog Training in Dallas – Protection Training – Done Right

  1. Guard Dog Training in Dallas - Done RightGSTK9 is the ONLY company that makes it MANDATORY that our clients get One-on-One training at their home;
  2. We spend an average of 2 years with our clients depending on the age of Protection Dog, and the exact type of training that is needed;
  3. We are the ONLY Protection company that customizes the Protection K9 to the environment by doing an Environmental set up;
  4. All of our Protection K9s are temperament tested – has to be excellent with kids and other animals or they are not SOLD;
  5. All of the personal protection training is always done at the side of our clients, NEVER at our sides;
  6. All of our Protection K9s are trained by GSTK9 Trainers, never outsourced.

Personal Protection and Guard Dog Training in Dallas – Bred for Success

Where it starts is getting the right animal for your needs.

At Golden State, our Protection Dogs are selectively bred from select breeding lines and carefully chosen with temperament and character in mind. The result is unbeatable Personal and Family Protection that you and your family can hug and play with, and more importantly, depend on. Personal protection dogs have to possess characteristics that are usually only found in dogs when they are bred to have these characteristics.

At GSTK9, we carefully choose our K9s from select working breeding lines, then test for needed characteristics.

The result?

Carefully Selected + Extensively Trained = Unmatched Peace of Mind

Faithful Companions That Are Devoted To Protecting You and Your Family – GSTK9

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